Travis CI API Docs


A list of organizations for the current user.


organizations[Organization]List of organizations.

Collection Items

Each entry in the organizations array has the following attributes:

idIntegerValue uniquely identifying the organization.
loginStringLogin set on GitHub.
nameStringName set on GitHub.
vcs_typeUnknownThe organization's vcs_type.
ro_modeUnknownThe organization's ro_mode.
github_idIntegerId set on GitHub.
vcs_idUnknownThe organization's vcs_id.
avatar_urlStringAvatar_url set on GitHub.
educationBooleanWhether or not the organization has an education account.
allow_migrationUnknownThe organization's allow_migration.
allowanceUnknownThe organization's allowance.
repositories[Repository]Repositories belonging to this organization.
installationInstallationInstallation belonging to the organization.


For Current User

This returns a list of organizations the current user is a member of.

Query ParameterTypeDescription
include[String]List of attributes to eager load.
limitIntegerHow many organizations to include in the response. Used for pagination.
offsetIntegerHow many organizations to skip before the first entry in the response. Used for pagination.
organization.roleUnknownDocumentation missing.
roleUnknownAlias for organization.role.
sort_by[String]Attributes to sort organizations by. Used for pagination.

Example:GET /orgs?limit=5

Sortable by: id, login, name, github_id, vcs_id, append :desc to any attribute to reverse order.