Travis CI API Docs


See (under @pagination) for a description of the API payloads.

A collection returned by a single response might represent a subset of a larger collection.
To retrieve another subset of the larger collection, a client can make use of the metadata exposed in the @pagination field.

Branches, builds, crons, organizations, repositories and requests are using pagination.
Per default the pagination is set to 100. You can change that by adding a limit=xxx to the request.

  "@type":           "branches",
  "@href":           "/repo/891/branches?exists_on_github=true&limit=5",
  "@representation": "standard",
  "@pagination":     {
    "limit":         5,
    "offset":        0,
    "count":         24,
    "is_first":      true,
    "is_last":       false,
    "next":          {
      "@href":       "/repo/891/branches?exists_on_github=true&limit=5&offset=5",
      "offset":      5,
      "limit":       5
    "prev":          null,
    "first":         {
      "@href":       "/repo/891/branches?exists_on_github=true&limit=5",
      "offset":      0,
      "limit":       5
    "last":          {
      "@href":       "/repo/891/branches?exists_on_github=true&limit=5&offset=20",
      "offset":      20,
      "limit":       5